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Mime Spoken Here Course. Available as a VOD (Video On Demand) or DVD (ntsc format).

Tony's complete course is now available as a VOD on Vimeo. Purchase the full course and watch on all your digital devices. Available as a download or on demand video stream. Start the course TODAY! Ad-Free and immersive, the video-on-demand version of MSH is being offered at an introductory discounted price of only $35.

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DVDs of Tony's complete course are also still available with easy navigation to each lesson and topic. Almost 4 hours of instruction on 2 DVDs.

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$50.00 (plus shipping and handling.)

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Tony Montanaro Documentary: "Theatre & Inspiration"

Tony Montanaro (1927 - 2002) was one of the great mime artists of the 20th Century. Theatre and Inspiration celebrates Tony's life and contributions as performer and teacher to the world of theatre and the joy he brought to his audiences and students. Directed by Leland Faulkner, Huey, and Richard Searls this DVD is a 56 minute documentary.

Available in VOD (Video On Demand) for $15.00

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Also still available in DVD (ntsc format) through FilmsbyHuey for $19.95

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Mime Spoken Here:
The Performer's Portable Workshop

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A limited of number of hard & soft cover autographed copies are still available.

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A digital version of the book will be available soon.



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A Dance To Touch The Soul

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